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Studies have shown that over 33% of the population is suffering from some form of chronic pain.  This takes a huge toll, both emotionally and financially on individuals, families, employers, and the nation as a whole.

We have learned that successful pain management can be accomplished by combining multiple treatment options and working closely with patients and their families.  We pride ourselves on offering every patient a comprehensive approach to managing their acute, chronic, and cancer related pain.

At Colorado Springs Pain Consultants, we stay up to date on the latest advances in the field of pain management.  This includes the use of  diagnostic studies, pain management treatments and medications, and minimally invasive procedures.  This enables us to offer our patients the best treatments available. 

Our goal is to treat and relieve your pain in a timely, caring, and cost effective manner.  Using diagnostic modalities to help in making an actual diagnosis of your problem.  Then combining proven treatments, such as minimally invasive procedures, appropriate usage of pain relieving medications, physical therapy, and exercise.  Allowing us to help you to get control over your pain, and get your life back.

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